Doubtless many of you are keen to play music together again, led by our excellent professional tutors.  Frustratingly the function room for our workshops is still not available despite the pub being open now.  Therefore we're seeking a suitable alternative venue and will communicate when workshops can resume. 


As this challenging year draws to a close, we wish you a happy Christmas or whatever you celebrate, and good health for 2021.  We look forward to resuming our workshops in due course and making music together again.  In the meantime you may be interested in these jazz programmes on BBC iPlayer: 

Ronnie Scott's

Young Musician Final

Jazz 625


Needless to say our workshops remain suspended due to the renewed Government restrictions for the pandemic.  However, we are determined to resume when it is safe to do so and permitted again.  

Hopefully you're practising at home and are eager to play with us and our wonderful tutors in the not too distant future.  Stay well and may music help maintain sanity during these challenging times! 


Regrettably our music workshops are suspended temporarily due to the public health emergency.

In the meantime, keep well and keep practising at home.  You can also listen to various excellent recordings by some of our highly accomplished tutors.  If you enjoy what you hear you could support these local professional musicians by purchasing some of their fine albums online.



Our next workshops on Tuesday 3 and 10 March will both be led by terrific tutor, singer and trumpet player Sue Richardson who has a knack of getting everyone playing well together quickly. http://www.suerichardson.biz


Our next workshop will be on Tuesday 25 February led by outstanding musician Terry Seabrook.
You can explore his many musical activities on his website:

Another great pianist, Lyle Mays, sadly passed away this week.  He was the long standing mainstay of the Pat Metheny Group and created much wonderful music such as this Highland Aire:


Tutor Paul Nieman returns to lead another workshop on Tuesday 11 February. He has uploaded to his website some of our unusual improvised free-form playing from last week and a Miles Davis recording with transcription of "Freddie Freeloader" which we also played.


The next workshops will be on Tuesday 4 and 11 February led by thought provoking tutor and trombonist Paul Nieman.


The next session will be on Tuesday 28 January led by pianist Rod Hart.  Our workshops are a great opportunity for amateur and budding musicians to play with other like-minded people under the guidance of excellent tutors.  There's no on-going commitment and newcomers are welcome so just turn up on the night with your instrument or voice!


Inspirational tutor Mark Bassey returns on Tuesday 14 January to lead another storming workshop!


Our next workshop will be on Tuesday 7 January led by the irrepressible Mark Bassey.
Festive greetings to all and may playing at the Co-op be your New Year's resolution!
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Join us on Tuesday 10 December when accomplished pianist Rod Hart will lead the festive music making.  This is our last workshop until next year so not to be missed!


Distinguished jazz tutor and saxophonist Geoff Simkins will lead our next educational workshop on Tuesday 3 December to which all budding local musicians are invited.


Our next open workshop is on Tuesday 26 November when saxophonist and flautist Angele Veltmeijer returns to lead another fun session.  Her teaching style is very accessible, so if you've not come to our workshops before, just turn up with whatever instrument you play and give it a try.


Terry Seabrook returns to tutor another workshop on Tuesday 12 November when we can expect to be given a great musical workout


Have a blast on Tuesday 5th November when Angele Veltmeijer will light the fire at our next workshop!


Excellent pianist and tutor Terry Seabrook will lead our next workshop on Tuesday 29 October.


Our next workshop will be on Tuesday 22 October, led again by experienced musician Paul Nieman. 


The next workshop will be on Tuesday 8 October and led by Paul Nieman. 
As usual it's open to all budding musicians - just bring your instrument along.


Our next workshop on Tuesday 1 October will be led by distinguished jazz musician and educator Geoff Simkins. 


The next workshop is on Tuesday 24 September, led again by Terry Pack.
Here are some of his varied and latest recordings which are well worth exploring:
(There's no session on 17 September as the venue is not available).


Bandleader Terry Pack will be the tutor for our next workshop on Tuesday 10 September. 
Typically he develops our ability to listen to and play a tune by ear instead of sight reading.


The next workshop is on Tuesday 3 September which will be led by Nigel Thomas.  It may not be Summertime for much longer but we've got Autumn Leaves and much more to look forward to, so come along with your instrument and have a blast!


Super Sue Richardson returns to lead our next workshop on Tuesday 27 August. 
(Please note that there's no session on 20 August as the venue is not available).


The tutor for our next workshop on Tuesday 13 August will be Nigel Thomas. 
Here are some of his excellent recordings for you to explore:


Join us on Tuesday 6 August for our next workshop which will be led by bassist George Trebar. 
Here for interest is his website:    http://www.georgetrebar.co.uk/


Our next workshop on Tuesday 30 July will be led by wonderful trumpet player, singer and tutor Sue Richardson whose website is here:  http://www.suerichardson.biz/


Our next workshops will be on Tuesday 9 and 23 July led by the irrepressible Mark Bassey.
(Please be aware that there's no session on 16 July when the venue is not available).


Rod Hart returns to lead our next workshop on Tuesday 2 July.
Here for reference are files for his previous workshop: 


Our next workshop will be on Tuesday 25 June led by local musician Rod Hart.
(There's no session on 18 June when the venue is not available).


Our next two workshops will be led by tutor Paul Nieman on Tuesday 4 and 11 June. 
If you have not attended before just bring your instrument for some sociable music making.


Our next two workshops are on Tuesday 14 and 28 May led by enigmatic musician Terry Pack. 
Please note there's no session on 21 May when the venue is not available.