Saturday, 17 September 2011

BMJC Workshop tunes

Xmas has come early this year with the attached treats. Some sparkling
solos will be delivered by you, yes you, on Tuesday at the Open House.

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Date: 17 September 2011 16:18
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Hi Steve,

Tunes this week: 'blue 7' and 'killer joe'.

For blue 7 I used:

sonny rollins used the lydian (#4) dominant (b7) for the tune and his solo.

If you are a more experienced person, try and think of this as the
lydian augmented, based on the 7th note of the chord, and hear the
difference in your playing.

killer joe clip:

have a go at working out what to use for the A section.

If the Bridge frightens you to bits, the tune will sound great in your
solo. May be you can work out some other notes to add?

Have fun, looking forward to Tuesday,



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Steve L said...

Been working on the three lochrian scales in Blue. Notice that Sonny rollins uses the b7 and #4 from each of the scales in his composition of the tune which is what gives it that distinctive sound that we associate with jazz. Trying to check that I get those notes in my solos using Band in a Box. Intertesting scales as they are the 4th mode of the melodic minor. Could use the 7th mode which would then be the altered scale.