Friday, 20 May 2011

Fwd: Jazz Listening Sessions @ the Brunswick

Hi Guys,
I'm going to be running a History/Listening Class every Thursday from
6pm to 8pm at the Brunswick (first session starting on the 9th of
June). Could you pass this on to your students, share it on
facebook/twitter and get the message out there?  I'd really really
appreciate it! :)
Many  thanks!!!
Brighton Jazz School - 'Learn to Listen Sessions'
The 'Learn to Listen' sessions will take place on a Thursday (6pm-8pm)
at The Brunswick in Hove. It is open to non-musicians as well as
musicians and anyone interested in jazz. We will be looking at a very
wide variety of jazz styles from it's beginnings to its current state.
 It is a great chance to find out about new players (and old ones),
and also a chance to share and talk about your favourite players.  The
course will follow Jazz History and give you an overview of the
development of the music.  We will also spend considerable time
looking at important and key musicians that helped develop and push
the music forward.  Learn how to listen to jazz, what to listen out
for and how to fully appreciated this beautiful art-form.

I'm going to run the sessions in ten week blocks (£6 a session payable
in 10 session blocks).  If you can't make all of them then I will be
keeping a register so you can drop in to sessions or make use of them
in another term.

Where possible I will try to cross-link the listening to what we are
doing in the BJS practical Tuesday course so there would be huge
incentive and benefit for those attending on Tuesday to join the
Thursday listening sessions too.  There is of course, no obligation.

Please get in contact ASAP if you are interested in attending, I have
limited numbers and have had lots of interest in this already.  Please
act fast!

Where? - The Brunswick, Holland Road, Hove.
When? -Every Tuesday for 10 sessions (rolling 3 term course) starting
on the 9th of June at 6pm-8pm.
How Much?  £60 for 10 weeks

Brighton Jazz School

Wayne McConnell
Jazz Pianist
Director of Brighton Jazz School
Associate Lecturer in Music, University of Chichester
Brighton Jazz School

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awnet kohlmann said...

if anybody wants to come round my house and listen to reign in blood by slayer it will cost them four hundred pounds

Steve L said...

We know it's you Py. I can do the complete Frank Zappa collection for £350