Thursday, 22 October 2009

Fwd: Question Time


Nick Griffin of the fascist BNP will be on Question Time on Thursday.

I've just sent a message through the Hope not hate website to register my anger and discomfort at this. All the messages will be delivered to David Dimbleby before the show starts - you should send a message too:

Together we can send the message that we stand together for hope.




j.stalin esq. said...

what has this got to do with jazz?

Rob J said...

I disagree completely, the BNP should definetly appear on Questiontime particularly considering;
1. The alternative was that they win a high profile court case, appearing as victims, and the bbc are forced to give them a triumphant appearance.
2.Free speech
3. They received a lot of votes particularly from disenfranchised white working class / unemployed voters up north an issue which needs to be addressed sensibly.
His appearance was embarassing, he seemed unintellegent and inarticulate, but so did the majority of the panel. Race should not have dominated the questions completely it was like kids at school bullying a more stupid child.

Steve L said...

There are a very few things important enough to trascend jazz.